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Is your website design letting your brand down? Does it look out of date and lack modern functionality? Does it deliver what you hoped it would?

I build websites that get you results! I can deliver them in as little as 7 days and I include the latest design features, security and technology. If you’re a new or established brand, or an entrepreneur looking to raise your profile online you’ve come to the right place.


I design for INDUSTRY LEADERS who strive to succeed and dominate in their competitive markets.

My passion lies in creating web solutions that deliver results for clients just like you. I work with startup companies right through to large corporate international brands that are building a name for themselves on a mammoth scale. I know what drives success and utilise all of my our talent and experience when crafting each new website.

Over the past few years, web design has changed enormously, I make a point to keep up with the latest trends, styles and features.

You can consider your website your storefront; it’s where your potential clients come to check you out (along with your competition) – you want it to be up to date and in line with your brand identity, culture and offerings. For example, if you sell an amazing product or service, you need a website DESIGNED to sell that specific product or service, to convert window shoppers into buyers and generate income for your business.


My websites and landing pages are built on the WordPress platform and custom designed to suit your requirements.

I include and implement the latest backup and security measures to assure the safety of your precious new asset. Using the WordPress platform allows me to offer my clients a world-class web solution with a realistic price tag. You can go to the upper-scale of web design and pay between $10,000 – $20,000 but I believe my creativity and experience seats my end products on the same stage.

I pride myself on being a specialist in the field of web design. I have a handpicked team to support all aspects of the process and I cannot wait to discuss your vision and plan your new results-driven website design.

Let us show you what your new website could look like. Enquire now and get a FREE conceptual mockup!

My Process

One. The Planning Stage

I consider my planning stage crucial to the success of the project. What is decided upon and mapped out here sets the stage for the entire build. This is where I interact with you and pay attention to your vision, your mission and your requirements. In this stage, I will go over and create a requirement analysis, a creative brief, a site map, contracts and a supply information regarding hosting and URL setup.

Two. The Design Stage

Here I move our Creative Brief into a conceptual state. The information outlined in the planning process now becomes a reality. The main deliverables in this stage are a site structure and visual concept of what the site could be. I communicate with you and get your feedback on my initial concept then refine it to a stage where you are happy for me to continue with the build. In the design stage, I will complete a conceptual design, mockups, a review of the proposed visuals and a have a discussion to assess it’s readiness to move into the development stage.

Three. The Development Stage

In my Development Stage, I do the bulk of my programming and layout work. I will load your content where/if required and organise your pages and posts as they will appear in the finished website. I refer constantly to our planning details and take a strategic approach to further develop a design that will deliver on the goals set in the beginning. I begin testing as I go to make sure all functionality and features work flawlessly. In Development, I build framework and templates, create custom code where required, begin to test and measure, load content and verify links.

Four. The Launch Stage

The purpose of my launch stage is to prepare your new website for public viewing. I complete final polishing, perform deep testing and pay attention to the usability and user experience that your new design will display. I will have a final consultation with you to make sure I have ticked all your boxes and created a web solution that you can be proud of. My developers will check the responsiveness of all layouts to ensure the site looks and functions well on all screens and devices. Finally, I will move the site to a live state on your server and make it available to the world. At this time I will do some necessary communication with Google to make sure you are all hooked up and ready to appear in search results.

Five. The Post-Launch Stage

Here you will re-enter the picture and we will take care of some little finishing tasks to close the project. I will supply you the content I have created for your website and ensure you have the relevant logins and information. We can discuss any training you may like or require and ensure you are completely informed of how the site will run moving into the future. Once I have your final sign-off I will have one final discussion about the on-going support I’d love to supply you.

Six. On-going Support

I believe in NEVER closing the door once a project is complete. I will be available to support you in an on-going capacity if and as required. I offer a number of support services including backup and update processes. I can teach you to maintain your website or take care of that for you. Either way, I will check in from time-to-time and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Let us show you what your new website could look like. Enquire now and get a FREE conceptual mockup!

Fuel Media

Fuel Media is my boutique design company based in Auckland, New Zealand. I provide branding, advertising, web and graphic design solutions for a wide range of clients. I develop outcomes that cut through the rubble of mainstream design and create a narrative that will get you noticed.

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