The Perfect Blend

Devine Wellness is a company passionate for holistic health and wellness. Offering only those products and services that they truly believe in, and promote a drug-free holistic approach to healthcare. The company was founded by Holly Joy Devine, a young woman in her mid 20’s battling Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma. We worked with Holly to develop a brand for her amazing product The Perfect Blend – a certified organic probiotic superfood. From the logo, packaging and label design, through to the company website we have given her the tools to communicate with her customers, educate, promote and sell her products.
“Tim at Fuel Media has been more then amazing. Starting a business is tough and he has made it super easy. Tim created my logo, label design and website. Since this has all been up and running I have had non-stop positive comments. Tim has put his genuine heart and soul into Devine Wellness. Thank you so much Tim, I could have not done this without you and I am so grateful.”

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