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Good Spirits are a bold, and exciting organisation on a mission to deliver lasting and memorable experiences. With a focus on nurturing their team, looking after their customers, and maintaining their world-class standards, GSH strives to live and breathe their values, and consider their mission and vision a guiding light in everything they do.

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Owning 9 establishments across two cities, Good Spirits needed to consolidate their voice, their communications, and their presence in their market. I started work with Good Spirits in January this year and spent the better part of a month working closely with their team in strategy workshops to define and refine the umbrella GSH brand, and also the establishments that sit at the core of their business. Together we investigated who they are, what they want to be known for, who their customers are, and how their all-important message would be effectively communicated through design, content, and clear copy by Monica at Mark My Words.​

Following on from the strategy I visited each of the GSH establishments to capture their team, the environment, the food and drinks, and the customers, in fresh new images for their website, social platforms, and marketing campaigns.

With the strategy and content creation complete. I worked to design and develop a new website that aligned with all of the hard work that came before it. Good Spirits now have a relevant and meaningful home online. I built it to showcase their amazing team and all the great offerings that their organization has worked tirelessly to provide day in day out, across all locations and platforms. The imagery highlights the warm nature of the brand and the words clearly cement their position and tone to give all those who cross paths with Good Spirits, the same consistently welcoming experience. The design brings it all together in a professionally playful manner which fits perfectly with the impression you will take from visiting any of the Good Spirits establishments.

It’s been a great pleasure being trusted with the intimacies of the Good Spirits brand, inside and out and I look forward to supporting them as the brand continues to grow and thrive.


“Thank you for your help with this project. In our brief encounters I found you engaging interested and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for your generous testimonial. Should we need services requiring your skill sets we will certainly be back for more.”

– Geoff Tuttle | GSH CEO

“Tim Kavermann has been fantastic going on this journey with you. All the support and guidance from yourself at FuelMedia and Monica at Mark My Words have been amazing. A 12-month project delivered ahead of time and on budget. Not to mention a great support team that felt like they were part of our GSH family every day. Highly, highly recommend!.”

– Natalie Ayson | GSH Head of Innovation, Brand and Communications

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