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Stewart from Competitive Advantage partners with motivated businesses and brands to nurture and ensure sustainability and longevity. “The goal is to be here tomorrow” Competitive Advantage clients are business leaders who are forward-thinkers that need a right-hand advisor to challenge assumptions and serve as a driving force in forward momentum, planning, and growth. Stewart offers a direct approach that creates an environment of on-going accountability and a vast and specialized skill set that sits upon a foundation of real-life experience.

I worked with Stewart on Competitive Advantage from inception to execution, taking his initial requirement to formalize his consulting services and transforming it into a functioning brand that speaks directly to its intended audience. By way of my structured strategy process, we were able to investigate and answer key questions that would serve as the foundation for the brand – and make the design far more meaningful.

Defining crucial facets of any brand is an important first step. Working closely with Stewart I was able to narrow down the WHY and HOW in relation to Competitive Advantage’s existence. I defined and researched the ideal audience and positioned the new brand through a process of competitor analysis and mapping. On a less tangible note, but of equal importance, we discussed Stewarts’ values, and how they would be translated in his new venture, and finally, we dialed in the new Competitive Advantage personality and style/tone that would underpin all communications and messaging. With the help of my amazing copywriter, Monica from Mark My Words Copywriting, we polished validated all our strategic data and set to work on the content creation, identity design, and website design/development.

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