Is your amazing brand visible?


Do you look at your current brand identity and get excited? Do you have a new venture you wish to launch with impact? Make it memorable…own it, live it, and watch it grow!

I would like to invite you to share my thoughts and design processes surrounding brand identity design…


How I see branding and identity

Put simply, I view branding as the relationship and emotional connection you have with your clients or customers. An effective brand will portray trust, strength and instil confidence. A brand identity is the visual representation of your business or organisation made up of a combination of elements and graphical devices to differentiate you from the rest of the market.


Invest in one, build the other

In reality it takes time and hard work to establish a solid and trusted brand. Your sound business practices and company ethic will deliver your brand with a clear and credible message. The umbrella over your brand will be your identity, which will be the immediate visual connection made with your audience… make it a memorable one!

Turn off the beaten path and invest in a high quality, effective and unique design package.


Logo Design…the foundation of your identity

Your logo is there to identify, not necessarily explain. I read in another blog post recently that a logo’s importance lies with what it means, rather then what it looks like. I don’t necessarily agree… my opinion is, and always has been that in the end your company will fly or fail regardless of the logo design, but why not have an effective, clever and aesthetically pleasing item to represent your business or organisation. Your logo, once familiar, begins to serve its purpose as a trusted and recognisable visual asset. Invest in a design process that will generate a relevant, effective end product.


How I approach my new logo design projects

I treat every new project as being fresh and unique. No two clients are the same; no two client’s needs and requirements are the same. I have a proven and tested workflow that I follow time and time again to understand, design, develop and implement my Foundation Packages.

  • Quality discussion, brand-strategy and needs-assessment with client to create an accurate brief
  • Research into current, similar and competition brands. How can this new design be unique?
  • Collection of inspiring ideas, examples, images and design elements – moodboarding with client
  • Brainstorming and sketching possible solutions aimed at the set brief
  • Draft concepts. Digitalise, and submit predetermined number of initial concepts to client
  • Refinement – improve concept, can I make this idea better/more relevant and effective?
  • Finalise logo design; create master design files to industry specifications and requirements
  • Create logo information file / brand quidelines
  • Identity development. What supporting collateral is required to compliment this project?


Partner your new logo design with powerful supporting collateral

A great logo is not the end, but the beginning of a winning brand identity package.

Once completing the logo design process I will discuss further artwork with each client. Again, requirements always differ but most commonly I will develop and supply some or all of the following items:

  • Stationery
  • Social media artwork and campaign planning
  • Website Design
  • Clothing and Uniform items
  • Signage
  • Advertising materials, print and web based application
  • Packaging
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Information booklets

The uses for your new logo are endless. I take this identity development process as a crucial opportunity to standardise, theme, and match your graphical elements (logos, fonts, colours, layout guidelines) to create a sense of balance and seamless marriage between every item in your identity arsenal.


Why invest in a Logo design from Fuel Media Ltd?

Think of the value of your business, the time, effort and money you are going to invest. Your identity package is going to be the face of your business for many years to come. It’s serious business and each step in the process is important to the end product/s. My aim is always to create a unique and memorable package, which will ensure you stand out in your chosen market.

Services exist today that offer a quick solution for those who decide they do not require an experienced designer and well-planned solution…. I invite you to re-visit the above design workflow that is implement into my new projects. This is where the value lies; the experience, the knowledge and the skill. My confidence in knowing that what I am supplying my clients has been planned, researched and developed (with the client) to the same standard I apply to my own Fuel Media identity. This workflow and proven system is the return for your investment, and the crucial item that is most commonly absent from the ‘cookie cutter company’ logo design offerings.


Finally, the big questions… How much does it cost? How do we get started?

Both simple questions, to which there is a simple answer…

Contact me to discuss the unique and personal requirements of your new brand identity project. Give me your ideas, your vision and let me understand how to can effectively help you.

I do hope this insight and my opinions has been beneficial, weather you are considering a new venture, or have an existing one that you would like to re-brand, and update.

I always look forward to working with new and established businesses, to give them the best possible visual presence in their chosen field of expertise.

Tim Kavermann

As a Creative Director and a leading Brand Consultant my purpose is to help professional individuals and businesses showcase who they are and what they want to be known for. To support my consulting services I have established and matured Fuel Media, my boutique design agency that allows me to offer selected clients a full creative experience to develop their identity, positioning and communications.