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by | Jul 23, 2019 | Branding, Strategy

I am often asked the same question in initial meetings… what makes a brand successful? Obviously, there’s no cookie-cutter answer to this very valid enquiry but putting aside the intricacies of specific organizations and their industries I do find myself commonly repeating the same conversations on this topic.

I  take a personalised and detailed approach to brand creation, however, I have observed over the last 10 years that there are some foundation characteristics that all successful brands share.


One. Passion.

In order to plan, build, execute and mature a long-term project with substance you need a deeply ingrained passion for what you are doing. Delivering greatness day in day out requires a love for your craft, service, or product.

To punch holes in your industry, your customers and audience have to buy into your love and passion for your brand. Passion builds excitement which will rub off on others and inspire your team. Additionally, passion will have your back in the inevitable tough times that come with any professional endeavor.


Two. Consistency.

Every facet and experience associated with a successful brand should be familiar. There are certainly applications, especially in marketing efforts, for spontaneity but I could talk for hours about the pros for ensuring your communications, artwork, digital platform/s and all other brand assets for that matter, are inline and complementing of each other.

I build style guides early on in relationships with new clients. These guides securely house logos, imagery, type, tone, and all associated items to ensure that all projects undertaken adhere to consistent guidelines and visual constraints. 


Three. Authenticity.

Consumers are drawn to authentic brands and personalities, plain and simple. In a world that is unfortunately saturated with phonies, connection on a real and genuine human level will always prove memorable. In this day and age, consumers want more than good value and service, they want values and integrity. Brands that walk the talk and convey themselves in an organic and natural manner have a far better chance of real connection with their audience.


Four. Positioning.

A brand is a complex entity and one of the defining foundations should be an idea or guiding principle and underpins all company decisions and actions. This foundational positioning will drive the traction you create as you grow and mature. Your positioning statement should describe how you are different, in a focused and relevant manner so that your audience can perceive you in a clear and specific way.


Five. Effective Leadership.

As a successful business leader, you need to live and breath your brand. You should constantly inspire both your team and your consumers. 

The most successful companies I have worked with, nurture a culture of wellness, inclusion, and empowerment, that stems directly from the top. Put simply, if those around you respect and like you, they will buy from you or complete exceptional work for you. 


Bonus. Storytelling.

In this day and age, storytelling is a vital aspect of your brand communications. With so many platforms available to us it is a necessity to provide context and insight in a digestible manner. Storytelling gives brands a human element and offers something to connect with and relate to. In our next blog, we will discuss the importance of storytelling with our expert copywriter Monica Shepherd from Mark My Words.


To Summarise.

Successful brands that I’ve connected with over the years have adopted most or all of the above traits. They have refined their craft and the way it’s presented, they have employed practices to better themselves and their team and they invite everyone they come in contact with to share their passion for what they do.

How does your brand stack up? Do you employ the advice mentioned in this article already? If not, do you plan to?


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